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As a community, we must help support our most vulnerable members. That is why our mission is to provide programs and services geared toward the youth, senior citizens, and families that make our community thrive. From after-school tutoring and computer classes to financial literacy, our goal is to offer resources that empower and equip individuals with the skills they need to succeed. We also aim to host special events and workshops each month to address issues relevant to our community. By providing access to education and training, we hope to see our community flourish and our neighbors reach their full potential.


Men and Women of Character Organization, a 501 c 3, a tax-exempt nonprofit organization in the metropolitan Trenton, NJ area, started as a "Saturday club" created by Donyale N. Thompson, Montise Fields, and Sarah L. Warner in their home. After several years of hosting the club from home, Donyale was invited to take on the role of youth advisor to a local nonprofit that was part of a national organization.  

 Having had many successes as an advisor to the organization under the governance of the organization's local, state, and national bodies, Donyale and her co-advisor, Sarah L. Warner, saw the benefits of revamping the Saturday club and offering our programs and services to the Metropolitan Trenton Community. Donyale and Sarah, with the assistance of Chaneta R. Leonard, decided it was time to branch out and start our organization.

 After considering names and working through our vision, Men and Women of Character Org. was formed. Today, our goal is to become a thriving community service organization comprised of adult citizens of Trenton, New Jersey, who have a common goal of working with youth and seniors to form a better community, increase peace, and encourage community and personal growth.

 We have created a model to encourage youth and seniors to get to know each other through collective work and activities.


Our mission is to provide programs and services which will help to support the youth and their families in our community. These may include after school tutoring, mentorship programs, job readiness training, health and wellness education, or financial literacy classes. We also hope to host the occasional special event or workshop each month that will focus on a particular theme or issue relevant to the local community. By providing these resources, we hope to empower youth and their families in our community by equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need to reach their full potential.


To improve our communities through youth empowerment by providing mentorship opportunities and teaching young people how to contribute positively to their communities. We can also provide educational resources and support systems that will help equip them with the skills needed to make an impact. Community service activities such as volunteering, litter clean-up, or organizing food drives are great ways for youth to practice meaningful service in their own neighborhoods. Finally, collaborations between local businesses and organizations, government agencies, universities and schools can bring together many different stakeholders to create lasting change.


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Improve our communities through service

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Bridge the gap between senior citizens and youth

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Collaborate with other groups and organizations

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Youth Empowerment

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Men & Women of Character, Org. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt & charitable organization. Our tax-exempt number is 46-4970554.  All Rights Reserved.

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