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10 ways to make a difference this holiday season

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

  1. Adopt of local family. There are so many families who could benefit from a helping hand. You could provide food, toys, gift certificates and hygiene products to families in need.

  2. Donate your gently used clothing and toys to local shelters. Shelters can also use old cell phones and other technology that can be utilized by clients.

  3. Host a "Rentsgiving" with friends. How awesome would it be to get your friends together and pay a family's rent for one month? It would be beyond awesome! You can work with a local agency to locate a family in need.

  4. Pay it forward. When you go for coffee or lunch, why not pay for the person behind you. Maybe they will do the same and spread the love.

  5. Sing to Seniors. Create a small choir with friends and visit a local nursing home to sing to the seniors. When this is done, take time to stop and talk to them and receive a bit of wisdom from them.

  6. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Help prepare and serve meals to those less fortunate than you.

  7. Blessing bags. Create small bags of toiletries and give them out to someone you encounter on the street.

  8. Host a community food drive. During this time of year food panties could use extra food and other items families may need to have a happy holiday.

  9. Donate coats, gloves, hats, and scarves to local shelters and other office.

  10. Make cards for seniors and deliver them so that have something to open on Christmas day.

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