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Introduction to the Plan


Men & Women of Character, Organization started as a "Saturday club" created by Donyale N. Thompson & her family in their home in 2008.  After several years of hosting the club from home, Donyale was invited to take over as an advisor to a local nonprofit that was part of a national organization.  

Having had many successes as an advisor to the organization under the governance of the organization's local, state, and national bodies, Donyale, and her co-advisor, Sarah L. Warner saw the benefits of revamping the Saturday club and offering our programs and services to the Metropolitan Trenton Community.

After considering names and working through our vision, Men & Women of Character was formed and today our goal is to become a  national nonprofit community service organization comprised of adult citizens of the Trenton and Paterson, New Jersey, who have a common goal of working with youth and seniors to form a better community, increase the peace and encourage community and personal growth.

Men & Women of Character Statement: “Promoting 360 degrees of family and community involvement.”


Men & Women of Character, Organization is comprised of adult citizens of the Metropolitan Trenton area who have a common goal of working with youth and seniors to form a better community, increase the peace, and encourage community and personal growth.

We have created a model that will encourage our youth and seniors to get to know each other through collective works and activities.

We will be partnering with schools, community center, nursing homes, other nonprofits, and groups to ensure that our programming and activities are updated and keep our members interested in maintaining their memberships.  We work with seniors and youth in our communities to ensure that we are able to best serve our target audience.

We will also help other groups and organizations to ensure that we (or they) are meeting the needs of the youth in our organizations.  In addition, advisors and volunteers will take part in ongoing training each year to ensure that we are capable of building positive relationships with the people we serve. 

Our strategic plan delivers these. We will build on our past work with youth and increase our interactions with community members and leaders for greater impact and success by bridging the gap between our seniors and youth. 

Our primary mission of "improving the relationship between senior citizens and youth" also emphasizes the need for understanding and respect between both groups. 


To achieve our goals, we are focusing on the following:


Collaborations between youth and senior citizens in our community. We will utilize various workshops, activities and special events to help bridge the gap. We will pair our youth members with residents of the various senior citizen facilities we partner with to enable them to work together for common goals.


Youth Empowerment:  Our youth will be given the tools to build their self-esteem and confidence. We will focus on leadership development, better health practices, and civic duty.  Our members will be afforded the opportunity to take part in various workshops, activities and special events that promote personal growth.


Tolerance & Diversity: All members will attend mandatory workshops in both areas to foster acceptance of others which will increase their ability to get along with and respect others. Workshops will include, but not be limited to: youth and Senior Citizen bonding, community Service, leadership development, Racial Equity & Inclusion, education and respect for others and yourself.


Ensure that we have the resources and people to continue our work with the community. 


INCREASE our ability to reach and retain members through community partnerships, volunteers, and workshops, programs and activities we offer. 


INCREASE board involvement with our members and community outreach and development




Men & Women of Character, Org.

360 degrees of family & community involvement!

Strategic Plan: About Us
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