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Sharing Our Ruby Project

Chaneta Ruby Leonard 

January 7, 1970 -November 14, 2021

Our beloved co-founder Chaneta Ruby Leonard was an awesome individual who was dedicated to helping others in the Metropolitan Trenton community. Chaneta made it her life’s work to be an unassuming advocate for all causes she believed in. After graduating high school, she was a dedicated childcare provider who taught art to preschool-aged children which was her passion. On Sunday, November 14, 2021, our lives changed forever when Chaneta died suddenly and left a void in our hearts, homes, and organization. Chaneta’s bubbly personality, love, and dedication to all those she encountered were sincere and unmatched. 

Chaneta Ruby Leonard
Blessing Bags: What We Do

To say it was a privilege to know and spend time with her and to put pen to paper and create what has become Men & Women of Character Organization is an understatement. Chaneta made a lasting impact on the lives of those around her and we are going to celebrate her with this project. Chaneta was very enthusiastic about the creation of our youth groups, B.O.L.D. (Boys Organized for Leadership and Dignity) and G.L.O.W. (Girls Leading Our World) and was instrumental in developing programs and workshops dedicated to each group. Men & Women of Character Org.’s Sharing Our Ruby project will include, but not be limited to the following projects: Neat Creativity Crates: In celebration of her birthday, on January 7th, seven crates full of arts and craft supplies will be awarded to local childcare centers and/or in-home childcare programs that do not receive government funding annually. The Chaneta Ruby Leonard Memorial Scholarship: 4 scholarships will be awarded annually to high school graduates in the metropolitan Trenton area pursuing the following degrees:

  • Art Education Scholarship: Chaneta had a great love for the arts and could often be found painting, drawing, and even coloring. She created murals for several homes and daycares.

  • Business Scholarship: As an entrepreneur, Chaneta had an interior design, event planning, catering and in home daycare business.

  • Early Childhood Education Scholarship: Chaneta's first love and job was as  a childcare assistant at a daycare in Lawrence township. This led to many years of service in this field.

  • Social Service Scholarship: Chaneta also ha a great love for those with special needs and worked as a Direct specialist for local group homes.

When our board members were asked to submit a bio, Chaneta’s Bio for MWCORG read: A Childcare provider with more than 30 years working with children. Chaneta feels that being a part of Men & Women of Character would ensure that she stays actively involved in guiding and encouraging creativity and growth in children.

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