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Honoring the Legacy of Our Beloved Co-founder: The Sharing Our Ruby Project

Chaneta Ruby Leonard 

January 7, 1970 -November 14, 2021

In the soft embrace of cherished memories, we celebrate the life and legacy of our beloved co-founder, Chaneta Ruby Leonard. Her story, a tapestry woven with love, dedication, and unwavering commitment to our organization and the Metropolitan Trenton community, continues to inspire us all.


A Life Devoted to Others: Chaneta Ruby Leonard, born on January 7, 1970, graced this world with her presence until November 14, 2021. She epitomized the essence of selflessness and advocacy in her lifetime, dedicating herself to numerous causes close to her heart. Her journey of compassion began as a devoted childcare provider, where she nurtured the creative spirits of preschool-aged children with the joy of art.


A Heartfelt Tribute: On that fateful Sunday in November 2021, Chaneta's sudden departure left an immense void in our lives, homes, and cherished organization, Men & Women of Character. Her absence left us not only with a sense of loss but also with the profound realization of the unique qualities she possessed. Her bubbly personality, boundless love, and unwavering dedication to everyone she met were qualities and reflections of her beautiful soul.


A Lasting Impact: It would be an understatement to say that it was a privilege to know and spend time with Chaneta. Her indomitable spirit and unshakable commitment to creating a better world left an indelible mark on everyone fortunate to cross her path. It was under her guiding light that Men & Women of Character Organization was born.

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Blessing Bags: What We Do

The Sharing Our Ruby Project: We proudly introduce the Sharing Our Ruby project to honor Chaneta's remarkable contributions and perpetuate her legacy of love and service. This heartfelt initiative embodies her passion for nurturing the potential of young minds.

Neat Creativity Crates: A Touch of Her Artistry: In a poignant tribute to her birthday on January 7th, we will annually award seven Neat Creativity Crates filled with art supplies. These precious crates will find their way to local childcare centers and in-home childcare programs that do not receive government funding. Just as Chaneta reveled in the art world, these crates will kindle the creative flames in young hearts, leaving an indelible mark like the murals she painted on homes and daycares.

The Chaneta Ruby Leonard Memorial Scholarship: Investing in Futures

As a visionary entrepreneur, Chaneta's diverse talents shone brightly. Her business endeavors spanned interior design, event planning, catering, and in-home daycare services. We proudly introduce four annual scholarships in her name to honor her multifaceted legacy. These scholarships will empower high school graduates in the metropolitan Trenton area to pursue degrees in:


- Art Education: In homage to Chaneta's deep love for the arts.

- Business: Celebrating her entrepreneurial spirit.

- Early Childhood Education: Reflecting her lifelong dedication.

- Social Service: Honoring her love for those with special needs.


A Beloved Childcare Provider: Chaneta's bio for Men & Women of Character speaks volumes about her character. With over 30 years of working with children, she viewed our organization to remain actively involved in guiding and nurturing creativity and growth in children—a testament to her unceasing devotion.


In this project, we remember Chaneta Ruby Leonard not with tears of sorrow, but with gratitude for the beautiful tapestry of love and service she wove into our lives. As we move forward, her spirit guides us, reminding us that passion and dedication can create a legacy that never fades.

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